About Us

Our Founders

Paul & Tina Riedinger (Reed-ing-er) are the proud owners of Eagle Rock LLC, located in Richland Washington on Reata Road. They are excited about opening because they can now provide customers in the Tri-Cities region with full-service rock and landscaping services!

For more than 28 years, we have proudly owned and operated, Cut Above, a successfull Landscaping business, and  Eagle Rock Quarry, located in Mesa. We supply rock right out of the quarry to other local rock yards throughout Southeastern Washington.

With the edition of Eagle Rock LLC (the rock yard) we can  now supply you with all your your rock and landscaping needs, making us your "One Stop Shop"  Starting from excavating rock from our Mesa quarry, providing product to our NEW rock yard (Eagle Rock LLC) and delivering the rock of of your choice righ to your home!  Those two along with our landscaping company, Cut Above, we can even install it for you! From our family to yours, we can provide a full circle operation with a beautiful outcome.

We sell a huge variety of landscaping rock, landscaping bark, mulch, slate and more! Some of our rock inventory includes black mountain rock, basalt rock, round river rock, gravel and chip varieties, etc. We also carry a wide variety of specialty rock such as, Champagne, Lava Rock, Granite and rainbow river rock. Bedding sand, top soil, fertilizer, organic compost and firewood are just some of the miscellaneous products we sell.

For your landscaping decor, home decor or specialty gift ideas we also do custom rock engraving (sandblasting). We have a variety of designs to choose from or you can bring us a photo or example of what you want and we will replicate it!

The Riedinger family loves the holidays and want to share that with our community. After Thanksgiving, we will be having a Christmas Tree Family Event. Please be sure to like us on facebook to stay informed on holiday events to enjoy with you!

Thank you!

OH NO! We forgot about our little mascot! Be sure to say hello to Tuffy the dog (and other frequent furry visitors) when you come to visit us on Reata road. They are our official customer greeters!
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